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Watch the short video to get an idea of how we will team up together to get you to your best golf ever!  

Of course we will work on the mechanics of your golf swing, BUT there is so much more to finding your best than just going through the same old list of mechanical does and don'ts.  I love helping golfers discover not only their best swing, but their best game!

About Us

Golf truly does not have to be as hard as you've been making it!

I have played golf since I was in diapers and have taught the sport for over 30 years.  Golf Out of Control is my way of helping people play the best golf of their lives without confusing "golf instructor speak", without infomercial gimmicks and without spending thousands of dollars to get limited or even zero results.  I believe in strong fundamentals, a clear mental game and a spiritual outlook that can revolutionize the way you play this wonderful sport.  In my opinion and experience I firmly believe that there are 3 main categories that we as golfers can (and should work on):

  1. There is of course our golf swings.  The mechanics of a golf swing are obviously important and together we will go about a process of discovering the best set of mechanics that fit you.
  2. The mental game is another category that we as golfers should always consider and work on.  No I am not a psychologist.  However i do believe that I have several insights into this area of golf that will help you possibly more than you can imagine.  Once your mental game is good the mechanics are far easier to master.
  3. There is (in my opinion) a very strong 3rd category to consider.  The spiritual influence on our golf swing and game.  I understand that this may sound weird but let me assure you that the effect on your game isn't weird at all!  I have never (and will never) force any of these concepts on anyone, but if you'll keep an open mind I think you'll see an amazing facet to golf in a way you may have never seen it before......

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Simple but Powerful training aides....

Golf, Golf Training Aide, Golf Tip, Golf Slice, Golf Topping, Golf Distance Tips, Golf Instruction


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Golf Out of Control

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