Golf Out of Control

Here is what these things help you accomplish:

  • ​​Practically forces your club into the proper impact characteristics.  By following the teaching and using the guide the 5 physical LAWS of ball flight are forced to happen.  Not opinion or swing theory!  Impact is a scientifically measurable MUST, and there are 5 aspects that must exist in that moment.  What if in your practice time these things were to happen over and over and over again?  Not a hard question.................................... YOU GET INCREDIBLY BETTER!
  • Mental Game Improves - By using the guide and thinking about each phase correctly, your mental game can go to a place you've never been before!
  • INSTINCT TRAINING - Again, GOLF IS BACKWARDS!  For example, our instincts don't normally respond with easy when we want distance, down when we want up, right when we want left, etc...  The teachings combined with this Guide are designed to help you reverse those instincts.  When you do what happens?  GOLF BECOMES NATURAL FOR YOU AND YOU BECOME ONE DANGEROUS INDIVIDUAL ON A GOLF COURSE!

Are you ready for a high tech - fancy - expensive - celebrity endorsed training aid?!


Are you ready for a high tech - fancy - expensive - celebrity endorsed training aide?!

Well this aint it!  This training aide is not what anyone would call fancy or complicated.  It is in fact made of PVC pipe from the local hardware store and foam swimming pool noodles from the local Dollar store.  In our lessons I can provide you one for $20 or I can give you the plans and you can make it yourself for around $10 to $15.  Totally up to you.  But you must have this aide!!!!!!!!

Before you judge it's value based on it's financial worth however; let me assure you that the function is ABSOLUTELY PRICELESS!
Plus it would be very difficult to completely grasp this powerful program without it.  It takes almost every concept and helps you see and feel them in ways that are practically impossible to duplicate otherwise.

Each phase of your golf swing will be guided (and even forced) by using this aide in exactly the ways presented.  Take a look at some of the pictures presented on this page and see if it doesn't at least begin to spark some interest.  If better golf really is your goal then this will practically guarantee it!